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dj716 is WNY's premium wedding host and DJ. We offer some of the best technology, guest interaction and keep the party going all night long! 

Our wedding prices vary depending on a few factors, but our 2024 wedding rates start at $2,400 for four hours. As always, our uplighting package is included for FREE! Other dj's charge $100s more for these features, but not here! We want every wedding we host to experience the best! 

dj716 is fully insured for every event we dj. That means we list you and your venue as additional insured. This is a great peace of mind for our couples knowing that their dj/host has their back! And venues love working with us, knowing that we are fully insured. 

*Additional charges and upgrades may apply. Travel charges may apply. Tip and overtime rates not included. Actual price may vary. Lighting packages are based on operational equipment available and dj716 cannot guarantee a specific feature that was included for free in pricing. All equipment usage subject to limitations and restrictions of venues. Those who contract with dj716 are encouraged to look into insurance liability policies for their events. dj716 carries insurance for the purposes of satisfying venue requirements and should not be a substitute for your event liability. Certain additional restrictions and limitations may apply. 



$500 value. Free when booking 6 hours or more and full payment as deposit and allowed by venue. Click link to send inquiry. 

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dj716 Uplighting Package can help transform any atmosphere from ordinary to extraordinary! Our uplights are powerful, wireless and adjustable, so we can make the lighting match your layout perfectly.  Plus, once the party starts, they can go from uplighting, to party lighting! 

Premium Uplighting Package: Included! 

A $1,000 value!

Our dj716 premium lighting package is ALWAYS included at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Other guys charge $1,000+for their specialty lighting and uplighting.  Ours is now included, and much is battery-powered and WIRELESS!


Includes up to 24-40 wired and wireless LED special effects lighting. Some uplighting requires an electrical outlet within 3 ft. of the floor where light needs to be placed. Extensions cords may be used is there is no outlet available where lighting is requested.  dj716 uses its own discretion as to where lighting will be placed. Certain restrictions may apply. dj716 does not guarantee any lighting setting due to the nature of restrictions such as  power availability, safety of equipment and guests, venue mandates, etc. 


Lighting looks its best where there's smoke in the air to catch the beams.  Add a smoke package to your event to take your lighting show to a whole new level!


*Restrictions apply. Client must clear in advance with the venue to make sure smoke/haze machines are allowed. Client assumes full responsibility for the use of this product. Product usage limited up to one gallon of fluid, or until not appropriate to use anymore.  Contact dj716 for more details. 


Bubbles are the prefect accent for any special occasion.  Wow your guests when the dance floor, or your grand entrance, explodes with the unexpected! Bubbles without haze also an option.


*Restrictions apply. Client must clear in advance with the venue to make sure bubbles machines are allowed. May cause slippery surfaces. Client assumes full responsibility for the use of this product. Contact dj716 for more details. 

Use a major credit care via venmo
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